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Great service, Happy People, Quality Products

Our team can assist your RTO in the custom development of training resources by producing quality assessment tools and learner guides tailored to suit your needs.

We specialise in all qualification levels and have over 15 years extensive experience in resource development for a range of training packages and industries including: Business, Management, Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources, Children Services, Community Services, Health Care, Real Estate, Law and many more.

Our style of development is unique as we convert real life work practices into simulated case studies which flows from unit to unit guaranteeing higher results in learner engagement, employment skills, completion rates and increased profitability.

We are very passionate about the VET Sector and we started Focaz with the vision of creating change. We believe the key elements of change can only occur through the adoption of process improvement. We offer coaching and RTO improvement services to help RTO’s achieve their quality goals.


To maximise our client’s business potential by providing solutions to improve their organisation though the enhancement of QUALITY Processes. To offer RTO’s with the right resources and services to maintain compliance, high levels of productivity & customer service outcomes.


Our vision is using our passion for quality and learning to create lasting relationships with our clients, focusing on their growth and to increase the overall quality of the VET Sector by implementing process improvement into RTO’s across Australia.