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RTO Service Packages to meet your business needs

We believe in offering our clients the best value for money. We are different to other consultants and we don’t charge fees for every individual service. We have created service packages offering a range of consultancy products bundled into time blocks. These products could be developing strategic plans, validating units or reviewing HR processes. We build long lasting relationships and provide our clients with the flexibility of getting the most critical tasks done.

Our Packages include:

RTO Consultancy

Focaz has specifically designed this package to assist RTO’s in achieving their operational goals and to see ‘the tress through the forest’. A qualified quality consultant is assigned to work one on one with the RTO management team to achieve a higher level of success. To find out more about the extensive range of options and the services in this package click below.

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We are proud to offer a new range of services under our validation package. Try our starter package and receive 10 hours of validation services on your choice of assessment tools, learner guides or training and assessment strategies. We will even develop and establish your validation schedules and alert you when they become available. Take the stress out of worrying about tracking your compliance requirements with this package.  To see more great deals on our validation packages click below.

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RTO Improvement

Due to our extensive years working within the areas of quality management for RTO’s we have developed a package of services and tools that specialises in process improvement for RTO’s. We designed the system around the principles and quality discipline of Six Sigma. Our system emphasises People, Process and Product. Are you interested in increasing the RTO’s productivity reducing wastage, retaining good staff and increasing profits? This package has been engineered to analyse the systems of the RTO against these principles to measure it’s on going performance.

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Addition to Scope

Let us help your RTO grow by adding more qualifications (products) to your scope of registration. Focaz will reduce the drawn out process and time delays that may occur when adding qualifications to scope. With this package we will complete the whole process and application for a whole qualification or two depending on your package selection.

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