RTO Registrations and Acquisitions


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Should I start an RTO or buy one?

One of the most common question we get asked from clients entering the training or VET sector is whether they should buy an existing RTO or Start up an RTO (Initial registration).  Both options have advantages as well as inherent pitfalls that are to be avoided.

The Focaz Group follows a quality process when acquiring RTO’s that will assist in reducing the risk to the client and protect their investment.  Each year we do on average the same amount of RTO start-ups and purchases of existing RTO’s.

The element of TIME vs COST is an important factor that is expressed to our clients. To commence the process of an initial RTO registration can take anywhere from 6 – 8 months depending on several key indicators:

  • The quality of the application,
  • the fit and proper person’s capacity, and
  • the ASQA risk assessment.

Focaz has a 100% success rate for all initial RTO applications. We are experts in navigating through the complicated application process, using a range of methods to achieve the best outcomes.


RTO Registrations and Acquisitions

When buying an existing RTO, the process for the purchaser can be very daunting and complicated. It is extremely important to conduct a thorough due diligence process. RTO’s are regulated by the government and purchasers must meet additional requirements when buying the RTO status.

The Focaz Group has many years of experience in purchasing RTO’s. We follow a quality process and conduct a full due diligence program that includes:

  • conducting a business analysis
  • creating a benchmark
  • conducting internal audits
  • contract of sale preparation
  • negotiations of sale; and
  • many more aspects that are vital to the success of the purchase

If you would like to know more about acquiring an RTO, please complete the enquiry form and receive a FREE one-hour consultation with one of our quality consultants.