First Aid Package

First Aid Package

This package is designed to provide RTO's with all the tools to successfully deliver four (4) units of competency (U0C) for First Aid consisting of:

  •    HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  •    HLTAID002 Provide basic emergency life support
  •    HLTAID003Provide first aid (clustered units with HLTAID002)
  •    HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education & care setting
  •    Learner Guide – addressing all four units of competency

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The First Aid package includes: Comprehensive Learner Guide (PDF) – easy to read and addresses all elements, performance criteria and knowledge evidence for each unit of competency. The content is engaging and has been developed in conjunction with industry to ensure it is current, valid and reliable.

Our learner guides: • Align to the assessment tools making it easy for the learner to address all the criteria needed to achieve competency for each unit within the package • Include self-check questions at the conclusion of each section • Provide links to additional resources, reading materials and media to enhance the learning experience • To enhance learner understanding the use of current images have been inserted to demonstrate key aspects of First Aid.

Student Assessments* (MS Word) – detailed and easy to understand assessments which are compliant with all training package requirements. Each assessment tool comes complete with: • At least two (2) methods of assessment • Scenarios and role plays • Detailed observation reports which are completed by the assessor

Assessor Marking Guides* (MS Word) – Includes detailed benchmarking for all assessments to meet Standard 1.8: Conduct effective assessment.

Mapping Document* (Excel) – Mapping of assessment tools and learner guide to meet all training package requirements.

*NOTE: All these resources provide the flexibility to add your company logo into the templates. However, any changes to the actual assessment content, criteria and benchmarking will nullify the guarantee (see below).

Licence Information: By purchasing this product, you agree to our licence agreement. Under the licence agreement you are permitted to use the resources within your RTO only. The resources are prohibited from being on sold to other external parties. There are no limitations on copies or student numbers.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee our resources will meet the specified Unit of Competency as per the training package requirements. Our guarantee will only be valid if the content in the assessment tools have not been amended or altered, creating a non-compliance as determined by ASQA or another registering body. For any valid non-compliances, we will rectify free of charge.


Sample Assessment

Sample First Aid Learner Guide